Playground Surfacing

Choosing the right surfacing is an important consideration when designing a playground. Premier Park & Play provides a wide range of playground surfacing options to meet various needs, including both wood fiber and rubber surfaces, as well as sports surfacing for athletics fields.

Premier Park & Play can source and install the perfect playground surfacing for customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and the rest of New England. Our products include the following types of surfacing:

Wood fiber

Low cost and eco-friendly, wood fiber playground surfacing has a pleasant, natural look and provides great fall protection. Free of paint, chemicals and additives, wood fiber is made from engineered wood fiber. It does require a little maintenance in the form of raking and top ups, but is a good choice for safe playground surfacing that doesn’t break the bank.


Rubber mulch

Rubber mulch provides the best fall protection of all loose fill playground surfacing options. Made from recycled tire material, rubber mulch will not absorb water and decompose, and requires fewer top ups than organic mulch such as wood fiber. It also comes in a variety of color choices, making it easy to ensure that your playground surface ties in with the color theme of your playground.


Poured-in-place rubber

Poured-in-place rubber is attractive, durable and is one of the best surfaces for ADA accessibility. It is best installed over asphalt, concrete or a compacted sub base, and comprises 2 layers - a cushioning layer, and a decorative top layer. Cushioning thickness can be customized per installation, while the top layer allows for creative freedom


Athletics fields

Premier Park & Play can provide realistic synthetic turf surfacing options for your athletic or sports fields. Synthetic turf is a superb choice for both indoor and outdoor sports fields that looks and feels just like natural grass, without the maintenance of watering, mowing and fertilizing. In addition, cushioning layers beneath the surface layer can provide various levels of impact absorption.

For a wide choice of quality outdoor surfacing options - from playgrounds to sports fields - that meet your unique needs while providing superior fall protection, contact our staff at or 617-244-3317 today!