Outdoor Furnishings

If you’re designing a playground, chances are you’re also considering the outdoor site furnishings that you will need. Amenities such as seating, trash receptacles, planters and bike racks are essential to any outdoor play area in order to add value and create a more pleasant experience for children and parents alike. 

Premier Park & Play can source a variety of outdoor furnishings for installation in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and other New England states. A number of stylish yet highly functional products are available from the following outdoor furnishings manufacturers: 


Play Mart

Play Mart’s range of site furnishings is made from 100% recycled heavy duty plastic with stainless steel hardware, and is a superb and eco-friendly choice for outdoor applications. These amenities are designed to be durable, comfortable and attractive, adding value to your play area.

The Play Mart outdoor site furnishings range includes seating - both benches and picnic tables - as well as trash receptacles, bike racks and planters. All products feature a similar sturdy design and are available in a standard color scheme of beige and hunter green to tie in with a natural, outdoor look.

Seating options offered include standard benches, handy storage benches as well as covered benches to provide protection from the weather. Trash receptacles come in 3 designs - a standard design available in a number of bright colors, a picket design, and a smaller tot friendly design. All trash receptacles feature an innovative weather-proof lid. Planters are available in a number of shapes and sizes and are made from heavy duty recycled plastic in a combination of hunter green and brown.

Webcoat, Inc. – A division of SRP

Webcoat produces a large range of stylish outdoor furnishings, offering a wide variety of designs, finishes and colors. These products are made from stainless steel with a choice of either plastisol or textured polyethylene coating to ensure a corrosive resistant, long lasting finish suitable for outdoor use.

With a selection of over 13 different design styles and over 1000 individual products in their catalogue, Webcoat offers the best in terms of choosing outdoor site furnishings to tie in perfectly with the look and feel of your outdoor play area.

Amenities include both economy and high end products, such as benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, ash urns, bike racks and outdoor grills - all designed for maximum comfort, practicality and style. 3 different installation options are available - free standing, in-ground mounted and surface mounted.

In addition, Webcoat offers a full customization service, enabling you to completely customize your choice of furnishings in terms of color, style and design if the standard options available in the catalogue are not quite what you are looking for. Customization includes branding of site furnishings with your company’s colors and logo.




Jambette produces benches, tables, trash receptacles and bike racks with modern, fun and colorful designs and made mainly with aluminum and galvanized steel. Why aluminum?  It is doesn't rust, is easy to transport and install because of its lightweight, and is often recycled. 

Site furnishings are an important part of any outdoor play or sports area. For amenities that are comfortable, practical, durable and complement your other equipment, contact Premier Park & Play today.