Outdoor Shelters

(Picnic Shelter, Gazebo, Dugout, Kiosk)

Creating suitable shaded areas that protect from the elements, as well as harmful UV rays, is an essential component of any park or play area. Premier Park & Play can source and install outdoor shelters to suit your unique needs, catering to customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and other New England areas.

The range of shelter options that we provide includes both stainless steel structures and vinyl umbrella shade systems. Various products are available, such as outdoor equipment shelters, commercial umbrellas, gazebos, kiosks, walkway shades, and custom designed outdoor shelters suited to virtually any recreational or outdoor use.

Introducing the Halo Disc Shade

Halo Disc Shade

Halo Disc Shade

Ideal for splash pads, parks and other outdoor spaces, the Halo Disc Shade provides a modern, slim design with a unique architectural look.
·     Surface mount
·     Traditional shade fabric is fire retardant
·     Blocks UV rays & provides hail protection
·     Withstands high speed winds
·     Laced design firmly attaches the fabric to the rolled steel ring
·     Vandal Resistant, Stainless Steel Hardware
·     Superdurable Powder Coat
·     Many colors and several sizes available.

Outdoor shelter manufacturers that we work with include:

Classic Recreation Systems


Classic Recreation Systems provides a variety of permanent steel structured outdoor shelter systems, offering an extensive range of attractive, classic designs. Products include gazebos, dugouts, kiosks, bus stops and custom designed structures that are perfect for use as outdoor equipment shelters.

All shelters produced by Classic Recreation Systems are designed using inspiration from classic architectural styles, combined with extensive experience in engineering and landscape architecture. Products are manufactured from steel with superior weather resistant finishes, resulting in low maintenance structures that are practical as well as pleasing to the eye.

High quality materials and a precise manufacturing process ensure that outdoor shelters made by Classic Recreation Systems offer seamless, sturdy installation. Shelters are engineered to withstand all wind and weather conditions, and can be surfaced with anti-graffiti coating to prevent aesthetic damage and wear and tear.

SRP Shade

Products manufactured by SRP Shade include a wide variety of commercial umbrella and vinyl shade systems that are perfect for any outdoor area. Designs are stylish, modern and practical, and the vinyl cloth used is highly durable while providing extensive UV protection.

SRP Square umbrella shelter.jpg

SRP Shade offers an extensive range of hips, sails, cantilevered walkway shades, crescents, and commercial umbrellas with a choice of timber or metal frame structures combined with vinyl shade cloth in a multitude of colors. Frames and cloth are both designed to withstand high winds and weather conditions, while the vinyl shades can be easily removed from the frame for storage during winter.

Vinyl shade systems are the ideal solution for providing shade in any outdoor recreation area, including parks, playgrounds and swimming pools. Modular design options make for quick installation that can be custom designed to suit specific needs, while color options allow for immense creativity to keep in theme with the overall look of your outdoor area.

Premier Park & Play can provide and install a superb variety of outdoor shelters to provide protection from the elements, servicing states throughout New England. To find out more about our stylish shelter options, contact us today.