Playground Equipment

If you’re looking for that extra special something to turn a simple play area into a magical playground world that children will love, Premier Park & Play has just what you need. 

We are a Massachusetts based company that supplies playground equipment to clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and other parts of New England, offering a diverse variety of exciting products from a number of renowned suppliers.

From traditional equipment such as slides and jungle gyms to fantasy themed playground castles – and even larger than life outdoor musical instruments – we can help you design, source and install the playground equipment that’s just right for you. We are committed to putting both the customer and safety first, making sure that all the playground systems we install are compliant with ASTM, CPSC and ADAAG regulations.

Our range of playground equipment brands includes:

Play Mart

Play Mart products encompass a broad range of equipment including traditional slides and jungle gyms, as well as incredible themed playground systems. Equipment is sturdy and durable, with 2 separate ranges designed specifically to meet the needs of both younger and older children. All Play Mart products are made from recycled materials, showing the company’s commitment to eco-friendliness.

Play Mart's natural playground equipment and early childhood equipment products - Nature of Early Play - reconnect young children with the natural world. The materials and product designs are engineered based on their impact on the world in which children grow. Read about Dennis and Rebecca Beach, owners of Nature of Early Play, in g b & d magazine.


Superior Recreational Products


For something more traditional, SRP Playgrounds offers a superior range of commercial playground equipment that is ideally suited to locations such as schools, parks, recreational playgrounds, housing development playgrounds and community centers. Products can be easily color customized and branded to tie in with an organization’s logo and visual style. Themed, recycled, and active style playground equipment are available. Download a catalog now to see the latest product offerings.


Accessible playground by Jambette

Accessible playground by Jambette

"Creativity. Inspiration. Innovation. Outperformance." marks the approach to playground equipment design by Jambette.  Playgrounds designed with a space theme, aqua-nautical theme or nature theme inspire kids to imagine stories of heros and adventures during play.  For children with reduced mobility, Jambette offers a variety of accessible playground equipment structures and designs that meets ASTM standards.


Freenotes Harmony Park

How about a little outdoor music? Designed by Grammy Award winning musician Richard Cooke, these superb outdoor musical instruments are durable musical sculptures that can really add something special to your playground. The Freenotes Harmony Park range includes 16 unique instruments as well as 4 ensemble packages.

Visit our Outdoor Musical Instruments pageto learn more.

Themed Concepts

Offering themed playground equipment that’s completely customized to suit every client’s individual needs, Themed Concepts can make just about anything happen. From fantasy castles and pirate ships to dinosaurs and wild animals, the only limit on your playground theme is your imagination.

Premier Park & Play supplies and installs exciting playground equipment, that meets all safety standard and regulations, to New England. To find out how we can help you design the perfect playground to meet your needs, contact us today.