The Future of Recreation Equipment

Premier Park & Play's President Doug Knotts Speaks with Woodall's Campground Management Magazine about the Future of Recreation Equipment:

"According to Doug Knotts, president of Premier Park&Play of Newton, Mass., in addition to splash pads, playgrounds at municipal parks have begun moving more toward natural play environments, which is something that campgrounds seem to be picking up on. “Just the idea of creating play areas that mimic the natural environment and merge more with it.” “For example,” he said, “embankment slides built on the side of a hill or ziplines passing over natural areas seem to be taking off. I think that’s also been paired with more environmentally-conscious play areas using recycled materials and doing more to preserve resources.” Improving accessibility to playground features is another facet of modern play areas, Knotts added. “We now have a newstyle merry-go-round that’s wheelchair-accessible, which we call a whirl-a-round,” he said. “It’s installed at ground level so a child can roll right up and get on easily.” While campground guests are getting more access than ever before to great recreation equipment and activities, it all starts with owners, who also appear to have more choices and product diversity than ever. Whether property owners are seeking to create a fee-for-entry mini-amusement park in the style of Pineland or a basic amenity designed to attract more families, it’s all possible with the impressive range of modern recreation equipment designed to fit most any budget."

Check out the whole article at: Woodall's Campground Management March 2016 Issue (starting on pg. 16)