Spring Playground Inspection

As your campground season approaches, it is again time to inspect your playground equipment and surrounding area for repairs and upgrades. Unfortunately, with your 24 hour / 7 day a week preparation to get the campground open, playground equipment can often be overlooked. You may
not have had any problems in the playground for years, so there is no need to bother with it this spring. Right? But don’t skip it!!! Proper maintenance will help prevent possible injuries as well as extend the life of the equipment. Protect your investment by putting in the proper time and effort in

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The Future of Recreation Equipment

Premier Park & Play's President Doug Knotts Speaks with Woodall's Campground Management Magazine about the Future of Recreation Equipment:

"According to Doug Knotts, president of Premier Park&Play of Newton, Mass., in addition to splash pads, playgrounds at municipal parks have begun moving more toward natural play environments, which is something that campgrounds seem to be picking up on. “Just the idea of creating play areas that mimic the natural environment and merge more with it.” 

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Play Mart, Inc. Receives Evergreen Award by GSA

Play Mart, Inc was one of four businesses recently presented with the Evergreen Award by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The Evergreen Award Program was developed in 1998, by GSA’s Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWACenter), to annually recognize the efforts of partners who do business in an environmentally friendly way. 

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